Weed Control

One of the best things about mulch is it saves you a bunch of work! A three inch layer of mulch on your garden will prevent weeds from growing in your garden. This will save you a bunch of time over the course of a growing season. You may still get a few weeds coming through but it will prevent the majority of them.

Temperature Regulation

  • Mulch will insulate your plants to keep the soil temperature more consistent through the growing season. It will keep the roots warmer during the cold month and cooler during the hot months of the year.

Water retention

  • A mulched garden will require less frequent waterings making your garden much more efficient!


  • Black mulch makes your plants standout. The colour contrast between the black mulch and your lawn and plants will make your property look amazing.

Other benefits:

  • The mulch will decompose adding natural compost to your garden and feed your plants.
  • Prevents soil erosion.

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