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Products Offered at Queensville Sod Farms

Queensville Sod Farms Premium Bluegrass Sod

Our Bluegrass is a mixture of 4 elite Kentucky Bluegrass cultivars. The cultivars are specially selected for a variety of applications including: landscapes, sports fields, and golf courses. With excellent density, low mow capability, exceptional color and texture, and an excellent performer in sun or partial shade, our premium bluegrass is a great choice for your next sod project.

For information on how to measure and install your sod, check out our sod installation and care guide. All of our soils and mulches are available in a 1-yard, no-mess bag, delivered right to your door! Next-day delivery is available for sod, soil and mulch.


Fertilizing is the most important step in keeping your lawn beautiful. We recommend fertilizing three to four times per season. The benefits from fertilizer include: a denser darker colored turf, a stronger root system, better resistance to insects and diseases, and faster repair for high traffic areas. We offer a spring, summer, and fall fertilizer. The ideal time to apply fertilizer is before it rains. The rain will dissolve the fertilizer releasing the nutrients to the turf. The ideal time to apply your summer application of fertilizer is before it gets really dry. The end of June is usually best.

Grass Seed

We carry a variety of grass seed blends from Pickseed® Canada. Selecting the right grass seed is based on soil conditions, the amount of sunlight an area receives and water availability. We stock 1 kg, 10 kg, and for larger projects, 25 kg size bags of Campus Green, Value Green, and Shade mix. These blends have a combination of Kentucky Bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass. Call or visit our retail yard and someone from our team will be happy to recommend which product is right for you.


Mulches are used to keep the weeds under control and conserve moisture in your gardens. We have 3 varieties of mulch for pick-up in our retail yard. Or you can let us deliver it to you! We can either deliver in bulk, with one of our dump trucks, or in our 1-yard, no-mess bags.


To ensure consistent quality in our sod, we only use top-quality grass seed from Pickseed®.


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